About Greg Littleton

About Greg Littleton


Greg  Littleton remembers being at The Indianapolis Motor Speedway when he  was 4-years-old in 1955. He has been passionate about it since that  first visit.

Greg,  who grew up on the near northeast side of Indianapolis, lives with his  wife of nearly 50 years, Teri, in Columbus, Indiana.

The Roadster Era



His first book, The Roadsters of Indianapolis, in  conjunction with Bill Enoch, has been more successful than he had dared  hope. It is a real collectors item. If this book is nearly as  successful he will be satisfied that his attempt to document the history  of his favorite time period was rewarded.

The Race to Make the Race


 The Month of  May – Pole Day – Qualifications/Time Trials – Bump Day – time has  greatly changed these iconic labels concerning the Indianapolis 500,  however they were/are as big a part of the famous race as the race  itself. For the entire month of May the buildup that would ultimately  culminate in The Indianapolis 500. The progression of the competitors as  they worked to find enough speed to win the Pole Position, a front-row  starting spot or a slot near the front of the starting lineup, or any  place in the field. It was truly the race to make the race.